Eastern Mediterranean Delights - 2

Eastern Mediterranean Delights - 2

Duration: 1 Day

We all love the Mediterranean – glorious sunshine, golden sands and of course, those wonderful flavours that we try to recreate when we get home.

The Eastern Mediterranean is a unique part of the Med with an amazing culinary range of spices, herbs, sweet and savoury tastes, traditional and modern dishes, breads, stews, sauces and so much more.

If you loved Eastern Mediterranean delights part 1 then you won't be disappointed with this sequel packed with even more flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East including Turkey, Lebanon and Persia. Hulya Erdal has put together an amazing menu and you will enjoy a whole day of tasty dishes from starters to main courses and perfect party food all finished off with another classic Eastern dessert. Prepare yourself for a journey into this vast region of the world full of heritage and culture dating back centuries.

Dishes include:

Tabbouleh – Bulgur wheat is a popular grain throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions and a good alternative to rice and much hardier than couscous.  A finely ground Bulgur is mixed with spices, chilli and herbs to make this great starter or accompaniment, served cold on a bed of gem lettuce.

Cacik – A refreshing Turkish classic dip of yogurt, garlic and cucumber that sits well alongside hummus and makes a great accompaniment to meat, fish or any starter or main course.

Fattet Batinjan – This is Hulya's adapted vegetarian version of the Lebanese original, stuffed aubergines filled with a richly spiced tomato and onion filling served with yogurt and pitta bread.

Cerkez Tavuk – Circassian in origin, this creamy, flavoursome chicken dish of coriander, crushed walnuts and garlic served in a large dish for everyone to help themselves.  It's great for buffets and entertaining large groups of friends for a late night supper, the perfect comfort food!

Adana Kofte – This recipe originates from the region of Adana in Turkey, where they like their food hot and spicy and this meaty sausage does not disappoint! Packed with red peppers, chilli and onions you'll feel like you're in a Turkish restaurant.

Uzumlu Pilav – The Turks love rice and this is a beautiful version of sweet black currants in a buttery white rice. The perfect accompaniment to the spicy Kofte.

Kadayif - Originally from the Ottoman period and adopted all over the Middle East. This "Shredded wheat" pastry is filled with nuts and sometimes cheese then the signature sweet sugar syrup is poured over after baking to finish it off beautifully.

The day begins at 9.30am and we invite you to join us with a welcome tea or coffee in the cookery school’s dining room from 9.00am, where you will have a chance to meet your fellow delegates and chef. Your chef will talk you through the class menu and how the day will run before you are assigned a workspace in our fully equipped kitchen, overlooking the beautiful estate at Braxted Park.

The step-by-step tuition is fun and easy to follow and the cookery school team will be available to assist you throughout the day.

At the end of a full day of cooking, everyone’s efforts will be rewarded with a glass of wine and a sit-down meal that has been cooked during the day, where hints and tips can be shared with the group while enjoying the food that you have prepared.

Please note that the dishes listed may vary due to the availability of fresh produce as a result of seasonal changes.

Please note Children over the age of 8 years old are welcome to attend and participate in any of our classes at the full cost of a place but MUST be accompanied by 1 paying adult.

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