Free From Cooking

Free From Cooking

Duration: 1 Day

How many times have you invited friends over for dinner only to discovver one of your guests is on a special diet and no longer eating gluten (think bread, pasta, wheat) or they've got a nut allergy, are lactose intolerant, a vegan?

Nowadays, a nut roast, bowl of vegetables or limp salad just won't do for your diners. With such a variety of dishes, cookery books, food programmes and even instagram pics to entice us, eating the 'freefrom' way can be just as delicious and even more exciting than your usual spag bowl.


Food allergies and intolerances are no longer the pain of every cook and has become a widley accepted way of life. Join us on this colourful day and learn to cook a variety of dishes all using fresh, wholesome ingredients, free from gluten and dairy but packed full of flavour.


Dishes to be prepared:


Bread - One of the most common intolerances and allergies these days is gluten, the product found in wheat flour that gives regular bread it's lightness and elasticity. But what if you could make an equally delcious loaf without the use of wheat? You'll learn other ways to produce a delicious bread without the use of gluten.


Tomato Tartlet - You'll be amazed at how short and crumbly this gluten free, dairy free pastry is. Based on a french recipe, packed full of juicy roasted tomatoes and herbs, your guests will be delighted by it's flavours.


Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad - A middle eastern favourite but who says you have to use couscous or bulgar, both wheat based products? Learn how to make quinoa and then put it together with the range of delicious, classic Tabbouleh ingredients like spring onions, peppers, herbs and more,


Freefrom Falafel - One of the top allergens are chickpeas, which means for many falafel is a no no. But did you know traditional lebanese falafel is made using fava beans ( or broad beans?) These lovely herbed and spiced morsels are the perfect accompaniment to a salad or as a finger food for a buffet.


Stuffed Peppers - This is a mediterranean favourite if stuffed peppers filled with your choice of lemony, herbed rice and tomatoes or with the additiona of mince. Delicious topped with garlicky, cucumber freeform yoghurt dip. Great for vegans and vegetarians or meat eaters.


Beetroot Salad - This colourful, nutrient packed salad is great for a lunchtime meal or as a side for your evening dinner. Grated crunchy raw beetroot and carrot are mixed with rocket leaves and drizzled with an avocado oil and white balsamic dressing. Add lentils for extra texture.


Spicy sweet potato, almonds and date protein bars - These wholesome, energy filled bars are packed with a range of spicy and sweet flavours that require no cooking. An excellent afternoon treat.



The day begins at 9.30am and we invite you to join us with a welcome tea or coffee in the cookery school’s dining room from 9.00am, where you will have a chance to meet your fellow delegates and chef. Your chef will talk you through the class menu and how the day will run before you are assigned a workspace in our fully equipped kitchen, overlooking the beautiful estate at Braxted Park. 

The step-by-step tuition is fun and easy to follow and the cookery school team will be available to assist you throughout the day.

At the end of a full day of cooking, everyone’s efforts will be rewarded with a glass of wine and a sit-down meal that has been cooked during the day, where hints and tips can be shared with the group while enjoying the food that you have prepared. 

Please note that the dishes listed may vary due to the availability of fresh produce as a result of seasonal changes.

Please note children over the age of 8 years old are welcome to attend and participate in any of our classes at the full cost of a place but MUST be accompanied by 1 paying adult.  

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