Authentic Italian Cuisine From The Amalfi Coast

Authentic Italian Cuisine From The Amalfi Coast

Duration: 1 Day

Ursula Ferrigno is passionate about Italian food especially the food of her beloved homeland, the Amalfi Coast. When describing the Amalfi coast Ursula always refers to this remarkable area as warm, passionate, generous, steeped in religion and superstition but most importantly centred on the family and a strong sense of tradition. This region of Italy, south of Naples known as the land of ‘Il Mezzogiorno’, is famed for its delicious vegetable, fish and pasta dishes. In Ursula’s own words “they are the triumph and glory of this remarkable region”.

On this one day cookery experience passionate chef Ursula Ferrigno will share her deep knowledge of the cooking and ingredients of the Amalfi Coast. You will learn to create the following Italian regional dishes:

  • Marinated antipasti - inspired by delicious Amalfi vegetables
  • Pizza bianca – crisp crunchy pizza from Ravello 
  • Brodetto di pesce –  famous fish casserole, every family has their own recipe
  • Guanciali - Ravioli pillows with potato and mozarella
  • Polpette – meat balls with a rich tomato and oregano sauce
  • Profiteroles con sonsorpresa - profiteroles with a velvety lemon cream

The day begins at 9.30am and we invite you to join us with a welcome tea or coffee in the cookery school’s dining room from 9.00am, where you will have a chance to meet your fellow delegates and chef. Your chef will talk you through the class menu and how the day will run before you are assigned a workspace in our fully equipped kitchen, overlooking the beautiful estate at Braxted Park.

The step-by-step tuition is fun and easy to follow and the cookery school team will be available to assist you throughout the day.

At the end of a full day of cooking, everyone’s efforts will be rewarded with a glass of wine and a sit-down meal that has been cooked during the day, where hints and tips can be shared with the group while enjoying the food that you have prepared.

Please note that the dishes listed may vary due to the availability of fresh produce as a result of seasonal changes.

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A day at The Cookery School at Braxted Park is designed to be informative and fun.

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