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  • Blackwater Country Show - 22nd June 2014

    Posted: 19 June 2014 by Ashleigh Brown

    This Sunday we will be exhibiting at the Blackwater Country Show.

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  • It’s never too late…..

    Posted: 12 June 2014 by Sharon Sonnex

    Bills Famous Family Fruit Cake

    With father’s day approaching, Peter Bayless shares with us his moving recollection of how his father Bill discovered a passion for cooking at 80 years old……

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  • Wartime dishes from both sides of the Channel

    Posted: 6 June 2014 by Sharon Sonnex

    Wartime recipes from both sides of the channel

    Wartime dishes from both sides of the Channel

    Masterchef winner Peter Bayless shares with us wartime dishes from both sides of the channel.

    My Mother’s simple wartime rabbit stew was made with potato, onions and parsley, when the odd ‘black market’ rabbit provided a welcome relief from a largely meat-free diet of ‘Woolton Pie’ carrot soup and ‘Spam’ fritters. The liquor was white and creamy and miraculously the potatoes didn’t turn into wallpaper paste. Over the years I have tried to recreate that dish with varying degrees of success but singly failed to match my Mother’s sublime texture and flavour.


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  • Preserve, Pickle and Cure

    Posted: 6 June 2014 by Sharon Sonnex

    Preserve, Pickle & Cure

    A class inspired by the D Day landing anniversary

    By Mark Peters

    I thought that creating a cookery course inspired by the 70th D Day landings anniversary on 6th June would be befitting to a very special anniversary. Using recipes inspired from the war years and covering methods of preserving including Salting, Marinating, Bottling, Pickling, Light marinating, Smoking, Juicing, Jam making and Freezing.


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  • Moreish Mezze

    Posted: 22 May 2014 by Sharon Sonnex

    The tradition of mezze (little appetisers and hors d’oeuve served with drinks) goes right across the Mediterranean, but Lebanon beats every country by the sheer quantity and variety on offer in both restaurants and homes.

    Mezze are the best part of a Lebanese meal. Grazing over a variety of delicious dishes with different flavours and textures is a wonderful way to eat. The conviviality of this tradition is as important as the dishes themselves. The fun and relaxed atmosphere created when dining in this way is something that we should try to emulate when entertaining at home.

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