Spoiler Alert! The GBBO Final…

Were you one of the 14.5 million viewers who watched the Great British Bake Off final last night?  It was the most watched programme on television so far this year and after a series full of highlights such as Paul’s bread lion, described by Paul Hollywood as "one of the best things I've seen in bread ever. It's exceptional", and Ian’s amazing fully functioning chocolate well it was time to crown a winner.  Nobody who watched the series could be surprised that Nadiya won, she consistently excelled and produced beautiful bakes, but what is surprising is the passion and emotion the programme brings out in contestants and viewers.  Describing Nadiya’s journey from shy unconfident cook to eventual winner of the series brought Mary Berry (and many viewers!) to tears.  This is a group of strangers who appear to over the series become great friends through their love of baking, competing with each other while at the same time being enormously supportive of each other, for no reward other than sharing their talent and enjoyment of cooking and for one, gaining the title of series winner. 

Cooking for family and friends can be such an enjoyable experience (unless you’re in the GBBO final and all your family, friends and the previous contestants are waiting outside the tent!) but many of us can find cooking stressful.  If you would like to learn to cook so you can impress your family and friends then take a look at our Cooking for Beginners cookery course.  During this course Chef William Grinsted will teach you how to cook a selection of delicious but simple dishes and will share with you an abundance of hints and tips inspiring you to discover a love of cooking.  Once you learn your way around the kitchen you feel a wonderful sense of freedom. Suddenly you are able to experiment with food and flavours, or in situations where you are tight on time you know you can always conjure up something nutritious, tasty and inexpensive.  Part of cooking is being experimental, and with cooking the rewards are huge. Experimenting with food means a never-ending journey of new tastes, textures and foods. Not all of them will be delicious, but you are certain to find surprising new foods that you love and which will no doubt enrich your life.  And who knows, maybe you will gain enough skill and confidence to enter the Great British Bake Off 2016!

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