Christmas Traditions outweigh Modern Trends

With Christmas on the horizon and due to our love of all things food here at The Cookery School at Braxted Park we wanted to find out more about how people will be eating their Christmas dinner this year and therefore conducted a survey; “Christmas Dinner: How do you eat yours?”.

Firstly, thanks to all that took the time to complete the survey, we were very pleased with the uptake and the results revealed that people are still extremely traditional when it comes to their Christmas meal.

Sixty seven percent of the people surveyed will be eating turkey for their main meat on Christmas day, the runner up being beef with a mere 13%, followed by goose (6%).

We then asked people why they stick to turkey and 81% said it was due to the tradition, followed by other meats not appealing to the whole family (13%) and taste (10%). Showing that even though other meats such as goose and game may be considered more ‘trendy’, the traditional turkey still has pride of place on most Brits’ dinner tables.

It was also interesting to discover that a huge 97% of people will be eating their Christmas meal in a home setting rather than a restaurant, surrounded by an average of 8 people for a ‘help yourself’ style sit down meal during the afternoon.

Fifty eight percent will be having a 'help yourself’ style sit down meal and 81% eat their meal during the afternoon. Also the majority of people just have a main course and dessert, but 61% have a cheese board and 58% have a starter.

It was nice to see that 93% of the people surveyed cook at least one element of their Christmas meal from scratch including vegetables, gravy and desserts. Nearly 50% make a Christmas cake or pudding and 45% take the time to prepare condiments, such as Christmas sauces.

Also three quarters source at least some of the ingredients for their meal locally; 50% from farm shops, 50% from their local butcher and 18% visit their greengrocer.

It was also interesting to see what people would like to learn to cook from scratch, that they do not currently have the confidence to do so. The main item was game, followed by Christmas pudding/cake, jams and chutneys and fish. Delia Smith was voted the most relied upon for Christmas cooking advice, above Jamie Oliver and Mary Berry.

To celebrate Christmas this year we will be posting a Christmas related post on our blog each day in December, from historic celebrity chef cooking videos to Christmas themed anecdotes and cooking tips from our chefs here at Braxted Park. 

So stay tuned and get festive with us this year.

Merry Christmas!

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